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Here are some of the basics to get you started! If you tackle these in order, you will find that it can be a bit more simple than you might think.

Parts Of The Guitar

This video will show you what you need to know about the parts of the guitar.

Tuning with an electronic Tuner

In this lesson you will learn how to tune your guitar using an electronic tuner. While there are other ways to tune, this is a great way to get started! The more you play a guitar that is in tune, the better you will get at recognizing when a guitar isn’t in tune.

Notes on the fingerboard


One of the most important things and difficult things that you will learn on guitar will be the notes on the fingerboard. That’s why we are starting on them now. By the time that you need to know where they are, you will have already been working on them! These are super important for knowing where to play certain chords, manipulating chords, lead guitar playing, etc. If you put off starting to work on these, then you will end up making those parts of playing guitar more difficult than they ever needed to be.