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This program rocks !!!

I’ve known Tony for quite awhile, and he’s not only a wonderful guitarist, but you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer, more competent guy to learn or progress your guitar technique with. Period.
— Joe Nadeau
Tony is great at showing you what you need to practice in order to achieve your guitar goals. I would recommend him to anyone!
— John Enoch
I put this on FB but will add it here: 
Been playing music for over 45 years and been blessed with many excellent teachers. I speak from experience when I say Tony is the real deal. He is honest, fair, skilled, kind and patient. The epitome of professional yet nothing less than a therapist. It is a blessing to be taught by him. Even though I don’t practice as much as I should, he has taught this old classical violinist codger how to ROCK! If you are considering whether or not to give Tony a try, don’t even hesitate. Thumbs up, A++++, six star. If Tony was a guitar, he’d be an eleven top! Thank you, Tony!
— Ike House
Tony has helped my son become a music lover! He’s like a teen-boy music whisperer!
— Jennifer
Tony is a great instructor for kids. I have not only seen my teenager enjoy learning to play the guitar but also smile after each lesson. Of course the technical instruction is important and Tony is so skilled in that area. But as a parent, to see the positive influence that Tony has on my son is so rewarding.
— Stephanie
Tony is an excellent teacher and great to work with. He is wonderful with kids. His teaching style is logical and structured in a way that allows students to learn well and make progress quickly. I highly recommend him.
— Ned
I have played guitar off and on for about 5 years. I found that I needed some help progressing my skills and Tony helped me do so. Tony is very personable, patient, and very talented. He teaches in a way that you actually learn guitar and not just pointless riffs. I would recommend Tony to anyone looking to learn or improve their guitar playing.
— Taylor
I have taken lessons from other instructors for about a year prior to starting with Tony. Although I did advance somewhat during that year, I felt that I was not making enough progress. It seemed to me that there was no structure or plan to reach my goals. Prior to Tony, my instruction seemed to be lacking professionalism and seemed to be non-productive. 
Now for the good news. I have only recently starting meeting with Tony. It hasn’t taken me long to realize that this time it will be different. The entire lesson plan has a structure. Each session is planned and moves me closer to reaching my goals. I look forward to the weekly meetings with Tony. I am now confident that each session is a step (one of many) to fulfilling my goals.
— Rock
I am 49 a year old mechanical engineer and pilot. I have had countless pre-graduate and post-graduate teachers, professors and instructors. Tony is one the very best teachers I have ever had. He is truly passionate about music and the guitar, but most important, he is passionate about being an effective teacher. He has genuine concern about the quality of instruction. He has a very impressive comprehensive and systematic approach to teaching the guitar and music, which he customizes to the individual student’s needs. The patient and user-friendly way he teaches will give you the confidence you will need to learn how play.
— Sam
Tony is the best guitar instructor. He has had complete patience with me. He has taught me the most efficient ways to accomplish my musical goals. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for guitar lessons.
— Caje
Tony is an awesome teacher. After years of playing but not able to barre, Tony helped me to finally be able to play barre chords. He also taught me theory while using the songs I wanted to learn!
— Karen
Thank you, Tony for being and AWESOME guitar instructor! He continuously shapes my instruction to help me overcome obstacles in my path. Friendly, patient, and extremely knowledgeable about music, in general, Tony is the BEST!
— Buster
I took guitar lesson from Tony for 1 and half years. He is a great teacher. He knows how to teach every type of music and songs. When I first started I didn’t know anything about music or guitar, but by the end I learned a lot. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning guitar.
— Aakriti
My two 11 yr old girls have been taking guitar lessons from Tony and they love him. In their words he makes it fun, easy and he is “cool”. I like the patience he had with them and the way he encourages them. We would follow him wherever he went. If u have a child looking to take lessons Tony is your guy!
— Susan
I had tried lessons twice before with others with little success, ,,, But withTony I learned allot in a short period of time,, was able to achieve what I wanted to learn which was how to write down my own songs. What I learned I’m still doing. Great guy, very patient, very knowledgeable.
— Randy Burge
My daughter took guitar lessons from Tony for quite a while. She became very good and more confident under his instruction. She now knows how, not only to play guitar, but to read tabs, play by ear, and tune & string her own guitar. Tony shows patience and develops a personal relationship tailored to each persons needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in guitar.
— Kim Warhurst
My daughter has been taking lessons from Tony for 3 years now. He is very patient and always has the best for her in mind. Not only does he focus on fundamentals, but he also teaches her songs she is interested in learning. She is in talented music at school, and the work Tony does with her seems to complement what she does at school. He is very compassionate about music as is my daughter. He is flexible with her schedule, which is great, and is always concerned if she is ill. We love Tony and feel fortunate to have found him. As my daughter (who is turning 13) says... He ROCKS!
— Amy Anderson
I’d been playing guitar for about 15 years when I started taking lessons with Tony. I was in a rut and just not able to push myself to the next level of playing. Tony took me deeper into theory than I wanted to go, but I’m so greatful today. If you’re just starting or if you’ve been playing for years, Tony is the guy you want. He’s by far the best guitar teacher of the 5 or 6 I’ve had over the years.
— Clay
Tony’s knowledge of music (and the guitar) is clearly impressive. However, what is even more impressive to me is his ability to “read” his student’s talent and skill mix, to weigh that mix against the student’s goals, and then to adjust the “lesson plan” immediately in order to help the student reach his/her goals more quickly. I am a better guitar player after each lesson!
— John Martin
I have been a student of Tony for about 1 1/2 years, and I am still as excited about my lessons as when I started. Tony has a unique way of working music theory into the fun part of learning songs you want to play. You can put aside all of those books you have bought and have become frustrated with. Tony’s method is simple, fun and focused exactly on you, where you are, and where you want to be. He is patient and thorough with the students. You owe it to yourself to check his lessons out.
— Mike
If you want be successful in anything in life, you need a good teacher. Well, Tony is an excellent teacher. I’ve only been going to Tony for a few months, but already learning so much more then I had years trying to teach myself. Always just a text or phone call away, Thanks Tony
— Johnny
I have been taking Lessons from Tony for a while now. He is an amazing teacher and knows his stuff. If you are willing to put the time into playing you’ll be good in no time with this guys help!
— Guest
I have a 12 year old son who has been taking lessons from Tony for almost 5 years. During that time he has grown as a player and improved exponentially. I can’t say enough good things about Tony. Not only is he knowledgeable and talented but he is great with kids and can really meet them on their level. He gets the highest recommendation from our family.
— Jill